Sweden in August: All You Need to Know

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Bright sky, warm temperatures and pleasing sunbath— perfect to be your next summer holiday destination. Summer is pretty close in Sweden. By August, Sweden may transform into a festival land. In summer, it allows visitors to immerse in diverse outdoor activities including kayaking, cycling, hiking, mountain biking, and wild swimming. Those who yearn for solitude can explore the deserted islands and islets of the Stockholm Archipelago. Yet, one can enjoy city life to its fullest amidst festivities such as Stockholm Culture Festival and Stockholm Street Food Festival. Ultimately, Sweden in August is nothing but a paradise on earth.

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Sweden Weather in August

You are never alone

Sweden’s weather in August is classified as mild warm with bright sunshine. Though the temperature in Sweden in August varies depending on the region of the country. In the south, it is a wet month with a peak of 72°F (22°C). In the north, it is mild; with routine sunny days and rainfall. Carry a mosquito net or other precautions if you are planning to visit the north of Sweden in August to behold its unique beauty.

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Why visit Sweden in August

Visiting Sweden in August is an opportunity for both solitude and adventure seekers. Maybe it is to indulge in outdoor activities (e.g. mountain biking, hiking, cycling) or relax over the beautiful beaches or secluded islands, Sweden is ever welcoming for every backpacker. Travel to Sweden in August has other advantages as well:

  • Wide range of tourist attractions and amenities: The best time to visit Sweden is June to August as most cafes and tourist circuits, including on-sight museums, are open to welcome visitors who come to enjoy their summer. To compensate you, some hotels often grant summer discounts.
  • Ongoing festivals throughout the month: Sweden in August hosts a plethora of festivals, especially in its festival capital Stockholm including Stockholm Pride and Stockholm Culture Festival. These festivals are often centred around music, art, culture and food.
  • Full of outdoor activities: Sweden August accommodates a wide range of outdoor activities. The widespread beaches, lakes and swimming pools lure travellers for a dip. Whereas adventure enthusiasts can start off trekking on the High Coast and Kungsleden Trail. For mountain bikers, it can be a paradise as it holds the best bike parks in the world.
  • Moderate crowd: Travel to Sweden in August is moderately crowded than in July when tourists are always at their peak. To compensate, you must book accommodation and activities in advance for the month as international tourists flock around there. Must say, be ready to pay high-season prices everywhere you go.

Where to go and what to do


From June to August, it is summer in Sweden and is celebrated as crayfish season. It is high time to indulge in wild swimming. Dotted with thousands of islands and islets, Stockholm Archipelago is calling travellers for some solitary moments amidst the natural marvels. Proudly, Lake õrsjon and Lake Vänern, European Union’s largest lake, will always invite you to take a plunge. Most hikers, to satisfy their craze, choose the High Coast and Kungsleden trails for their expanse of wilderness.

Stockholm, the festival capital of Sweden, hails visitors in all seasons. At the beginning of August, it celebrates Stockholm Pride, the Food Festival in the mid and the Baltic sea festival at the end. For music lovers, Gothenburg holds the summer’s best music events. Besides, Malmö also celebrates the city’s biggest annual festival.

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If you find solace in antiques, you may take the road to Gotland Island to witness one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites— Visby. Noted for its medieval architectural buildings and structures, you can have the opportunity to climb the tower that has been proudly standing since the 13th century. You can’t miss Visby Medieval Week which organises shows of costumed characters, fire and a lot more.

Major events in August

August is a month of ongoing events in Sweden that ranges from crayfish party to Surströmming celebrations and like so on:

Stockholm Pride: Held in early August, it is a platform for organizations, political parties and businesses, allowing them to exchange experiences and talk about issues and challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community.

Kräftskiva, nationwide: Held on August 8, this is originally a crayfish party, a get-together with friends and family to devour the seasonal seafood bounty with countless singing, dancing and drinking. 

Way Out West Festival, Gothenburg: Held for three days, it is one of Europe’s popular music festivals.

Malmöfestivalen, Malmö: A fusion of everything ranging from art, music and culture, it also hosts international food stalls— a full package of entertainment and never-before taste.

Stockholm Culture Festival, Stockholm: This is a popular cultural festival that offers chances to perform music of all genres varying from rock, and classic to jazz. Additionally, it offers spots for performing arts, stand-up comedy, theatre and film.

Visby Medieval Week, Visby: Visby, located on the island of Gotland, is a well-preserved Medieval centre that organises shows of costumed characters, fire and a lot.

Suströmming, Ulvon: Held on the third Thursday in August, this festival champions the delicacy of fermented herring.

Stockholm Street Food Festival, Stockholm: Trio— Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmö, holds Sweden’s largest street food festival.


Remember: Weather in Sweden in August in northern regions is cooler than other regions though it varies due to the unpredictable temperature.

Next to June, August is the perfect time to visit Sweden to have an unforgettable summer holiday among the wilderness of natural beauties and take part in city life full of ongoing events. Add Kiruna and Gothenburg to your itinerary for sightseeing as the weather is mostly pleasant in August— if you don’t want to dip. Yet, do not forget to add historical spots such as the Rock Carvings of Tanum, the Woodland Cemetery of Stockholm and the Hanseatic Town of Visby.

Wondering how to cover all of them? Go through our itinerary of Sweden. If you need help with planning a customized trip to Sweden in August, you can always reach out to our local travel experts who can devise a tailored itinerary for you.